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The Founder and Visionary

Valerie Daniel has been envisioning the dream of Faith’s House since 2000, when it was first laid on her heart. The glimpse to her higher purpose came through an exercise she did during a transformational women’s seminar. She walked away knowing what her purpose was, but was too scared to put it into action. Over the years, Valerie kept getting little inspirations and nudges from God letting her know He hadn’t forgotten. One very special day in February 2008 she knew she could not ignore her passion anymore and began to take action. Feeling so inspired, she promised herself she would take each ‘right next step’ trusting that God would provide her with the people, finances, and circumstances that would see this mission manifest in the world.

Valerie’s compassion for the single mom struggle came from being raised by a single mom and then being a single mom herself. She knows the feeling of being stuck in a minimum wage job with little hope for the future. Valerie was grateful that she was able to learn a trade that helped her support her son for 10 years as a single parent.

Her long term vision is to provide a home that will enable struggling single moms to further their education without having the added stress of working a full time, low paying job which will take away precious time with their family. The Home will provide a safe, nurturing, & spiritual environment, empowering women to create better lives for themselves and their families. She believes when you educate mothers they see the value & educate their children, which changes family legacies and the world.

Valerie currently lives with her husband Robert and daughter Faith in Forsyth County, Georgia. She is a student pursuing her degree in Human Service Delivery & Administration at Gainesville State College.

As our organization grows we need community support - if single motherhood has touched your life and you want to empower those still struggling ask about joining our Board of Directors. Find out more by calling 770-205-6311 or emailing